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Join the Furyan family today and together we can create your success. We think of our team of managers, coaches and athletes as a community- working alongside each other to succeed.

If you join the ranks at Furyan, you will get the full benefit of our management services as well as being part of an exclusive roster of professional athletes.

Our management services are built on the four key attributes of Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment and Support.


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Setting the standard. A cutting edge agency, that has a small,

select clientele so that you get the attention

you need and deserve


When it comes to business, Furyan’s approach to sports management is transparent and genuine. We invest everything we have into the athletes that we represent as Furyan is more than just a business to us- it’s our passion.

When you sign with Furyan, the parameters of your contract will be clearly explained and any work agreed upon your behalf will always be your choice.

Integrity is the foundation on which
Furan Sports Management was built

Upon signing with Furyan, you become a part of our family. Once on the inside of the Furyan circle, you will benefit from a truly committed team that focuses on developing and nurturing you and your abilities both inside and outside of your chosen sport.

When you become a member of our family, you are a member for life. Even after your sporting career has ended, we will continue to support you through long term plans and goals set up whilst your career is still active.

100% committed to your development, on and off the field


The level of knowledge the Furyan team bring to sports management cannot be rivalled. As former professional athletes and previous holders of managerial/coaching roles within the sporting industry, we know what it is like to be an athlete and exactly what you need to succeed.

Fantastic knowledge of professional sport and the ever changing commercial landscape


The support provided by Furyan in sports management is unparalleled. We put the athlete at the heart of everything we do and seek to provide as much support as possible in every aspect of athlete life.

We are here to support you one to one, whatever is needed and whenever that may be
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