The Furyan Academy


What is the Furyan Academy?

The Furyan Academy coaching team is made up of experienced internationally recognised coaches, current International Athletes, trainers and teachers who have a background in a variety of sports including Rugby Union, Netball, Hockey, Skill Development and Strength and Conditioning.

We have incorporated multiple skills and sports programmes into an approach to educating and training young children and athletes in order to provide holistic, enjoyable and demanding courses.

The courses we run have been specially designed to incorporate insights that have generated some of the best teams and athletes across the world.

Our Aim

For every Furyan Academy Athlete to have fun, make new friends, develop new skills and have the unique chance learn from some of the best current sportsmen and sportswomen in their respective sports.


Skill and Personal Development Camps with the Stars

Northern CampWilmslow Rugby Club, Wilmslow 28th - 30th October Northern Camp (£50 a day, £150 for the week) 9:30am to 4pm

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